Yes, we sell games!

One of the most common questions we get at the cafe is “Do you sell games?” That may seem odd to those who frequent the cafe and are immediately struck with a wall of games for sale when they come in. However, many people in Halifax still have yet to visit us so they don’t know that we have the best selection of hobby games in Nova Scotia.


What exactly are “hobby games?” Retail manager, John Gallant describes them as:
“Hobby games are ones that you typically don’t see at Wal-mart or other big box department stores. They often have small print runs versus the hundreds of thousands of copies of Monopoly and Risk that get made each year. As well,  just like a novel, these games have an author which you see right on the cover! That’s pretty cool.”

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Even with all the space and games we have, there is still a chance that we may not have the game you’re looking for. That’s no problem! It may be something we’ve had before and are just out of stock or maybe it’s something new that we can bring in especially for you! If it’s available from our suppliers, we can usually get the item in within a week and we give you a call when it arrives. The best part is that there is no extra cost for this custom order service!

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The multitude of options available at the cafe can seem overwhelming at first. Never fear! Our game bosses are the most knowledgeable staff in the city and are always happy to chat with customers about their gaming needs to help find the perfect fit for you, your game group, or your family.


Written by: on August 30th, 2016

8 thoughts on “Yes, we sell games!”

  1. Hi there. I am just curious, but do you have a newish copy of “snake oil” for sale. If you did I am very interested in buying it.

    Thank you.

  2. Hello. i am looking for an older edition of monopoly. i think its called monopoly the travel’s edition. it comes in a hard plastic case that looks like a suitcase. i cant find it anywhere (not even online) and i was wondering if anybody knows where i can find it.


  3. Is there an age restriction ‘adults only’, or are families/children welcome?
    Do you need to be a member? If so, what is the cost?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Annette, We do not have any age restrictions, families are always welcome. We do require that anyone under 14 be accompanied by someone over 14 while in the cafe. We have a $5 per person cover charge to play games in the cafe but no membership is required.

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