Staff Spotlight: Lewis McGinn

Let us introduce you to Lewis McGinn aka “The Tall Guy.” Read on to see what makes him tick.

Lewis McGinn | The Board Room Game Cafe


What do you find exciting about board games?

My uncanny ability to always win.


Explain your role at The Board Room Game Cafe.

I’m head Barista here as well as a game boss which means I get paid to make awesome coffee drinks and teach people new games. #bestjobever.

Lewis McGinn | The Board Room Game Cafe


Describe a fond board game memory.

I knew I liked board games when I was a little kid and I made my frail, elderly aunt cry at a game of Backgammon and then again later that same day at Monopoly. The joke ended up being on me though, because she was super catholic and thought I was the devil. Worth it? Not really, I was totally cut out from her will.


What do you like best about our customers?

They’re nice. I like them. It’s nice when a group really buys in to the idea and lets me make their game choice for them. People get real smiley when they learn a new game. Especially Sumo Ham Slam!

Lewis McGinn | The Board Room Game Cafe


What’s your favourite game?

I grew up on a diet of brown rice, almond milk and Star Wars. I tend to gravitate to games taking place in space. Favourites include: Eclipse, Quantum, and Hey! That’s My Fish.


What do you enjoy doing outside of the cafe and board game life?

There’s life outside of board games? I’m an active lifestyle kind of guy. I’m usually out on a bike ride with a few friends, a few beers, and a picnic basket. That or throwing a Frisbee around with those same friends. I also like feeding a spoonful of peanut butter to my friend’s dog and placing bets on how many times he’ll lick his lips.

Written by: on May 14th, 2014

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  1. Lewis, I found your wallet, left you a message on Facebook and went to Pepperell Street, where you no longer reside. Connect please so I can return your property. If I don’t hear from you by Monday, I will mail it to “Vancity”

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