Staff Spotlight: Graeme Heaven

Continuing in our series of Staff Spotlights, we have Graeme Heaven, one of our more recent additions and one who has already become a strong member of the team.

Graeme Heaven | The Board Room Game Cafe

What do you find exciting about board games?
I find that board games are a great way to sit down and have real face time with friends and family as well as being a means of meeting new people. They are a great way to catch up with those close to you and it is a really good icebreaker for making new friends (especially if you are on a date). In todays world people are more attuned to long distance communication via smartphones, computers, video game consoles, and the like. Board games allow for a more physical social experience that is really fun and satisfying for just about anyone. I feel as though people are beginning to search and rediscover tabletop games as an alternative to their computer devices, which has caused a real spur in the board-gaming community over the past few years. We are beginning to see more and more games being developed and published than ever before and there does not appear to be any signs of it slowing down. This is the modern era of board gaming and it is definitely worth getting involved in.

Describe a fond board game memory
When I was but a lad I had my fair share of the classic games such as Monopoly, Clue, Yahtzee, Sorry, and so on. I think the fondest memories of my early childhood gaming would have to be playing Mastermind with my Mother. I also wanted to play chess with my Opa (Grandfather) all the time and I loved playing Rummoli at my Aunt Liz’s. More recently I would have to say that playing board and card games with my friends and former co-workers in Wolfville over the past few years has been really special. Working at the Board Room will certainly add to the collection of fond board gaming memories!

Graeme Heaven | The Board Room Game Cafe

What do you enjoy doing outside of the cafe/board gaming?
Exploring and meeting new people are definitely up there. When I was growing up I pretty much focused all my attention on Video Games but that has changed dramatically since then. I really do enjoy the bar/pub/restaurant scene here in the city, especially since there has been a great surge of interest for local products. Eat local and drink local are two things that I strive to do, though I have been bad lately (Strongbow is just too good to pass up at times).


Explain your role at the cafe
I am a server that works in the kitchen from time to time. I have worked in the service industry for a few years now and I love it, but I have to say that the Board Room is by far the most unique working experience I have ever had. Not only am I slinging drinks but I am also teaching games.. What I like most is that I am getting that sense of satisfaction from serving customers but I am having a blast doing it as well. Someday I hope to learn enough games and garner enough gaming experience to focus primarily on teaching games. Bartending/Serving is a profession that I love to do, which makes it all the better when the Board Room takes it to another level.

Graeme Heaven | The Board Room Game Cafe
How many games have you added to your collection since starting work at the Board Room? What were they?
A lot of games. Like, a lot. The highlights would have to be Pandemic: On the Brink and Splendor. My collection will continue to grow, but first I need to pay rent.

What do you like most about Halifax? How does it compare to living in BC?
Growing up in BC was great, don’t get me wrong. Penticton and the Okanagan Valley are probably one of the better places to live in Canada, but I love it here in Nova Scotia. I did a lot of growing up in Nova Scotia (lived in Wolfville for several years) and I hope to take advantage of that as I continue to adjust to Halifax. It is hard to explain but I have talked about it with others and there just seems to be a strong sense of wanting to be in Nova Scotia. It’s relaxing and it’s fun. People are just at ease here. Not only that, but you meet the most interesting people. I can see myself going back out West, but for the time being, I am happy where I am at.

What’s one thing that our customers may be surprised to learn about you?
That my last name is Heaven. Yes, it is Heaven, and it is not pronounced Haven.

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