Staff Game Picks: Euphoria

Staff Pick! Each week we’ll be bringing you opinions from our illustrious staff about a game they are super excited about and a short explanation why they like it. This week, general manager, Jon-Paul Decosse talks about Euphoria: Building a Better Dystopia.

“My favourite games are those that balance strategic options and chaotic elements, and few games scratch that itch better for me than Euphoria. Feel free to make a plan, but in order to win the game, some calculated risks need to be taken. The dice are a work of art, and they aren’t rolled very often, but when it happens, players are often holding their breath and hoping for the best. Give this one a try, but beware, the learning curve is a bit steep!”

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Where to Buy: From us in late March

Written by: on March 12th, 2015

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