Game Review: Time’s Up! Title Recall

GAME REVIEW – Time’s Up! Title Recall

by John Gallant

Time's Up: Title Recall | The Board Room Game Cafe

Most people are familiar with games like Taboo and Charades and have fond memories of foolishness when playing them. Time’s Up Title Recall takes those games, throws them in a pot, and cranks the dial up to awesome! Here’s how:


40 of the over 400 cards are all dealt out to the players and then everyone gets 2 more cards. You get to look at them and decide which ones you think will be too hard for your partner to guess. The ones you don’t like? Back in the box!

Time's Up: Title Recall | The Board Room Game Cafe

Now all the 40 cards get combined in The Deck of Fame which one team starts with and Round 1 begins! In this round one person is trying to get the other to guess the title, band name, TV show, etc.. using gestures, hints, and sounds. The catch? You only have 30 seconds and you can’t pass so give good hints! If your partner gets it quick, you can go to the next card and try to get as many as you can before time runs out. Those cards are your glorious points. The deck passes to the next team and so on until the deck runs out.


Then, it’s on to Round 2 and my favourite part about this game. Since you go through the deck until all the cards are given out as points, everyone has heard what all the cards are. In Round 2, the same cards get used, but you are only allowed to give ONE word as your clue plus whatever noises and actions you want. Your partner can only guess once as well, so make it a good one! If you get a tough card, the game relents and lets you pass, again trying to get as many points as you can in 30 seconds.


Round 3 is similar except no words at all are allowed, which ends up making for hilarious situations.


Since I’m a sciencey guy, what I love most about this game is it’s cleverness in taking advantage of short term memory and associations. 40 cards aren’t too many to keep in your head at one time and as the higher rounds progress, you can do some process of elimination in your guessing. Also, any game that gets me up pantomiming “Band on the Run” by running around like a crazy person has got to be a good one.

Times's Up: Title Recall | The Board Room Game Cafe

The only drawback to the game I can see is that if you play it with the same people often, it may get too easy. However, with over 400 cards, each having two different titles on them, you’ll be having tons of fun for a very long time. If you haven’t played it, you should. In fact, this is one you should probably have in your collection as well. It’s just that good.


Players:  4+ players

Play Time:  60 minutes

Publisher:  R&R Games

Designers:  Michael Adams & Peter Sarrett

Board Room Price:  $21.99 plus tax

Our rating: 5 hourglasses out of 5

Time's Up: Title Recall | The Board Room Game Cafe

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