Game Review: Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards: Duel at Mt. Skullzfyre


Battle Wizards | The Board Room Game Cafe

“Once upon a time, there was a world filled to the brim with radical magic…”


These are the words you are greeted with when opening the rulebook to Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards : Duel at Mount Skullzfyre, and immediately sets the tone for a game dripping in goofy fun. It’s a game about battling wizards in a quest to become the Last Wizard Standing – play some cards, roll some dice, and watch the chaos unfold before your eyes!


Perhaps the most brilliant aspect of this game, aside from the artwork and hilarious flavour text, is the utter lack of a barrier to entry. Our Board Game Bosses can literally get a table of uninitiated gamers playing this game in two minutes! The steps are simple:


1.  From a hand of 8 cards, choose up to three that form a red ribbon with a tail at either end.

Battle Wizards | The Board Room Game Cafe


2.  Read the the name of your newly-created spell in your most epic wizard voice.


Epic Wizard Voice!


3.  Follow the instructions on your cards to deliver unspeakable damage to your foes!


The number of dice you roll is based on the matching number of “Magical Glyphs” on your cards, adding a bit of hand management strategy to the game. To be clear, though, if you’re looking for a deep, rewarding experience of designing and executing a masterful plan, you’re looking at the wrong game. Epic Spell Wars is all about the thrill of shouting out silly spell names and rolling dice, and in the realm of the ridiculous, this game reigns as Undisputed Overlord!

Battle Wizards | The Board Room Game Cafe


At The Board Room Game Cafe, we often recommend this game to folks that have enjoyed other silly games like Munchkin, and those who are looking for a relatively brainless palate cleanser between meatier gaming adventures.


As the back of the box says …


“The chaos is limited only by your thirst for destruction!”

 Players:  2 to 6 players

Play Time:  30-45 minutes

Publisher:  Cryptozoic Entertainment

Designers:  Cory Jones, Rob Heinsoo

Board Room Price:  $29.99 plus tax

Our Rating:  Four flaming swords dripping with entrails out of Five!

Battle Wizards | The Board Room Game Cafe
(Note: This game contains language unsuitable for most children)

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