Staff Game Picks: Quarto

Written by: on March 28th, 2015


This week, server/barista, Maiya Letourneau talks about Quarto, a modern classic abstract strategy game:

“Connect four on steroids! I like this game because it’s a quick, easy to learn strategy game that keeps you on your toes. It’s a game you can play over and over again, and it’s also one of the few games that I’m able to win.”

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Tom Vasel Reviews

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Staff Game Picks: Euphoria

Written by: on March 12th, 2015

Staff Pick! Each week we’ll be bringing you opinions from our illustrious staff about a game they are super excited about and a short explanation why they like it. This week, general manager, Jon-Paul Decosse talks about Euphoria: Building a Better Dystopia.

“My favourite games are those that balance strategic options and chaotic elements, and few games scratch that itch better for me than Euphoria. Feel free to make a plan, but in order to win the game, some calculated risks need to be taken. The dice are a work of art, and they aren’t rolled very often, but when it happens, players are often holding their breath and hoping for the best. Give this one a try, but beware, the learning curve is a bit steep!”

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Where to Buy: From us in late March

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Best Games of 2014!

Written by: on January 8th, 2015

In the world of board games, we often have our eyes set on the new games that are on their way to our shelves and tables. However, we also feel it’s important to look back at the year that was, and celebrate the most wonderful titles to enter our lives. As we’re on the verge of celebrating the turning of the calendar to 2015, we’ve asked our Board Game Bosses are looking back to pick the Best Games of 2014!

DAVE ( – “Star Realms” has me seriously tempted to sell my copy of “Dominion” to the highest bidder. This one takes the deck-building mechanic introduced in Donald X. Vaccarino’s hallowed classic and actually turns it into the thematic and tense experience.


JP ( – Star Realms is great, without question, but do you know what it’s missing? SPELLING! Deck building is not a mechanic that often shows up in my favourites, but Paperback breaks the mold by tossing in elements of Scrabble, and the result makes me smile on the inside!

KAT ( – Speaking of surprising game elements, Marrying Mr. Darcy hit me like a tonne of bricks when I first played it! So much delightful fun to be had enjoying the classic Pride and Prejudice story in a completely different (and surprisingly cutthroat!) new way. Can’t wait for the Emma follow up.

JP – Anyone who’s had me as their game boss knows that I love goofy games, and I continue to be thrilled by this year’s Spiel des Jahres (German game of the year) winner, Camel Up! Just imagine it – camels giving each other piggyback rides while racing around a track, with wealthy fools betting on who will finish first and last. What?! Wacky. It may not be the best pure game that came out in 2014, but it’s definitely a new favourite of mine!


GRAEME ( – Speaking of award winners, Istanbul is a great game that defines the Kennerspiel des Jahres category. The game may appear to have a steep learning curve, yet it is still an approachable game for anyone willing to play. The game leaves a sense of satisfaction for those that don’t often play board games and for those that are considered board game connoisseurs. Wheeling and dealing in the streets of Istanbul has never been so fun!


DAVE – Let’s not forget about “Splendor“, which was nominated for the Spiel des Jahres. As a fantastic opener to your game night or something you can use to show your non-gamer friends and relatives how great they can be, “Splendor” makes for a fantastic light strategic addition to any library.
GRAEME – I agree with Dave! Splendor should be considered THE new family board game, and I think it should have won the Spiel des Jahres. With its approachability and quick playing time, Splendor proves to be a game that will often hit people’s tables regardless of the occasion.

KAT – Okay, enough with the serious game talk. Colt Express is the most fun you can have punching your friends in the face and getting away with it. In this great programming (Schemin’) game, players are bandits running up and down a (real 3D!) train trying to steal loot and shoot as many other bandits as possible. Careful not to get shot by the angry Marshal in the process!



We’d love to hear about your favourite games from 2014! Share your picks by replying to this post, or connect with us on Twitter or Facebook. We look forward to sharing more of our favourites at The Board Room in 2015!

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