Board Room Friends Trivia Schedule

Over the last two years, The Board Room Game Cafe has become a home for unique and fun trivia events in Halifax. Starting with “Nerd War Trivia” (a collaboration with Geeks Versus Nerds, The Board Room slowly built a reputation for presenting challenging trivia events that focused on very specific topics.
In October 2015, we presented our very first “Board Room Trivia” event, exclusively themed on the world of Harry Potter. Our fingers were crossed to draw 50 participants, but by the time we presented the event, over 500 players had registered to play! In February, we head into our 25th Board Room Trivia event, focused on the iconic sitcom “Friends”, for which we’re expecting over 1000 participants!

As a result, both Board Rooms (our new and exciting Bedford location, as well as the flagship Halifax spot) will be closed to regular gaming traffic on the following dates:

– HALIFAX : February 5th (All Day Sunday), 7th (Tuesday after 4pm), 9th (Thursday after 4pm)

– BEDFORD: February 6th (Monday after 4pm), 8th (Wednesday after 4pm), 10th (Friday after 4pm)
Each cafe will still be open for retail sales and takeout food and drink on these dates. We look forward to challenging the HRM’s great many fans of Friends, and offer our apologies to all of our valued guests that may be inconvenienced on their preferred Board Room game night!
Written by: on February 4th, 2017

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